1)Obey the national law and follow the social morals, and then contribute to the pro-motion of the national inter-ests and the welfare of the people.
2)Samgangoryun(三綱五倫 : the Three Fundamental Principles and the Five Moral Disciplines in Human Relations) is the root of Eumyang-hapdeok(陰陽合德 : the Integrated Virtue of Yin and Yang), Manyou-johwa (萬有造化 : the Creation and Harmony of all the Universal Things), and Chajedodeok(次第道德 : the Coming Morlas.) Be filial to your country. Keep a peaceful family with a harmonious spirit between man and wife. Serve your venerable elders with a courtesy, guide your followings with charity, and be faithful to your friends.
3)Not-deceiving oneself is a precious clause for Doin(道人 : the person who believes in Sangje(上帝)). Do not deceive your conscience.
Do not cheat and seduce the public.
4)Do not make a grudge against other people not only with words but also actions. Find other's good favor with your great kindness to others.
And do not mind on other's ignorance about your virtue.
5)Reflect on yourself always and de tect any excess or deficiency of you mind to correct it over.