The objectives of Daesoonjinrihoe include the following:

Realizing earthly immortality – Renewal of human beings

This means that human beings are renewed, thus becoming Earthly-Immortals*, who kveep harmonious relations with other people and interact with divine beings.
*Earthly-Immortals: perfect human beings who have attained divinity and immortality through cultivation.

Creation of Earthly Paradise – Re-creation of the world

This is to turn the world into an Earthly Paradise. Earthly Paradise is the world where everyone lives by the principle of mutual beneficence. In this world,
people live together in perfect harmony while promoting the betterment of others without any grudges.

Guarding against self-deception – Reformation of human spirit

This is to reach the highest stage of mind by improving it into the state of no self-deception. In other words, it is to restore an innate conscience which is honest and true without greed or any partiality.