This work is designed to spread Sangje's Daesoon Truth to people based on the scripture of Jeon-gyeong so that they can join the coming Earthly Paradise. In other words, it means spreading the two principles of Haewon-sangsaeng* and Boeun-sangsaeng* for people to practice them.
*Haewon-sangsaeng: the resolution of grievances for mutual beneficence. *Boeun-sangsaeng: the reward of favors for mutual beneficence.


This work aims to introduce and preach the Daesoon Truth based on the scripture of Jeon-gyeong. It is designed to help people easily understand the religious teachings and enhance their faith so they can deepen and internalize the truth.


While calming down your mind and body, train your reverent mind on Sangje at the lower abdomen through reciting incantations. In other words, remember to show respect toward Sangje without losing the thought of reverence and sincerity. And recite incantations with all your heart to achieve the goal of integration with Deities.