Make your mind stay unbiased, true and pure, which means acting according to your conscience. Do not act upon other's futile temptation; do not lose your mind to greed but hold on to your conscience. Conduct yourself in accordance with righteousness and propriety, and do not act out of vanity.

In addition, while being mindful of all your actions, always bear in mind with utmost sincerity that Sangje Kang (the Supreme Being) is always with you. And train this mind on Sangje through reciting incantations to achieve the goal of integration with Deities. Spiritual cultivation is divided into four parts: gongbu, training, ordinary prayer, and special prayer.


reciting incantations at certain places and times in a specified way.


reciting incantations without a designated time or place.

Ordinary prayer

praying at home every day at jin (7~9 am), sul (7~9 pm), chuk 1~3 am), and mi (1~3 pm).

Special prayer

praying at a designated place or at home at ja (11~1 am), oh (11~1 pm), myo (5~7 am), and yu (5~7 pm) on gab and gi days*.
*Gab (yang) and gi (yin) days: they alternate with each other every five days according to the oriental concept of a week.