Creeds are the necessary conditions that disciples have to follow for their cultivation.
They consist of four cardinal mottos and three essential attitudes

Four cardinal mottos

Quieting the mind

Restore your innate conscience which is unbiased, impartial and pure. And preserve it to achieve your purpose of cultivation.

Quieting the body

Conduct yourself in accordance with righteousness and propriety. In other words, do not act with vanity.

Respecting for heaven

Always bear in mind that Sangje Kang (the Supreme Being) is always with you. That is, serve Him with utmost respect and sincerity.


While calming down your mind and body, train your reverent mind on Sangje at the lower abdomen through reciting incantations. In other words, remember to show respect toward Sangje without losing the thought of reverence and sincerity. And recite incantations with all your heart to achieve the goal of integration with Deities.
Three essential attitudes


This means that you should reflect consistently on yourself when you are putting all your efforts to achieve a certain purpose. That is, being sincere means having a mind that is continuously concerned with the lack of your exertion or dedication to make complete your task.


This means that you should conduct yourself in a decent manner.


This means that once you make up your mind about something, you should keep moving forward without any change or deviation from your original intention and commit yourself with the greatest devotion to reaching your anticipated end.