Gucheon Sangje

  • Gucheon Sangje (the Lord and Creator of the Great Origin of the Ninth Heaven) came down to Cheongyetap, Dae-beop-gook in the west by the plea and appeals of all the gods, buddhas, and bodhisattvas.
  • After greatly itinerating Heaven and Earth, He stayed for 30 years in the three-story Maitreya Statue of Geumsan Temple in Mt. Moak, Jeollabuk-do, Korea.
  • While staying there for 30 years, He bestowed the Heavenly Mandate upon a man. However, due to the man’s inability to express the real meaning of the Great Dao, the Heavenly Mandate was withdrawn in the year of Gapja (corresponding to the year of 1864).
  • Gucheon Sangje incarnated in the Gang family on 19th of September in 1871 in Gaekmang-ri, Woodeok-myeon, Gobu-gun, Jeolla-do. His Jonho (honorific title) is Jeungsan.
  • Faced with the period of extremely aggravated religious, political, and social misery, He proclaimed that we would undergo the metamorphosis into ‘a perfect man’ humans with the religious principles of Daesoonjinri, which is, Eumyang Hapdeok, Sin in Johwa, Haewon Sangsaeng, Dotong Jingyung, then political promotion of national interests with provision for welfare of the people and a social paradise on earth will be naturally realized. Therefore, people may be salvaged.
  • He ascended to Heaven on June 24, 1909 after completing the Reconstruction of Samgye during the 40-Year Itineration. 

The Founder, Doju Jo Jeongsan

Born on December 4, 1895 in Hoiemun-ri, Chilseo-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. In April, 1909 at the age of 15, Jo Jeongsan, having thought against the Imperial Japanese spoken by His grandfather, received the revelation from Gucheon Sangje on the way to Bongcheon, Manchuria. He made up His mind to save the nation and the world with Doryeok (Spiritual Power) while being active in the movement to save the nation with his fellow thinkers, entering the mountain to start Gongbu. In February 10, 1917 (Jeongsa, at the age of 23) during the Gongbu, Doju Jo, Jeongsan attained spiritual enlightenment of Gucheon Sangje’s Daesoonjinli.
The same year in April, Doju returned home after 9 years of exile and cultivated Himself traversing nationwide.
In April, 1925 (Eulchuk), He established Dojang in Dochang-hyeon, Gutaein-eup, Jeollabuk-do and advocated Mugeukdo (a religious order). In December 1941 during the second World War, He dissolved Mugeukdo by the compulsory winding-up of Japanese government. At the same thime, He ceased religious activity and cultivated Himself by itinerating and travelling the whole country Doju Jo Jeongsan resurrected religious activities with regaining the nation’s independence, August 1945. In January, 1948 He advocated Taegeukdo. In September, 1948 established the headquarter of Dao in Busan, Gyeongsangnam-do. In November, 1957 He preached and enforced cultivation methods disciplines, rituals, and rules. In March 6, 1958 He transmitted Religious Orthodoxy to Dojeon Park Hangyeong and ascended to His throne in Heaven.

Succession of the Religious Authority of Dojeon

On March 6, 1958 (Musul) Dojeon received the Religious Authority from Doju Jo, Jeungsan’s last wishes. In June, 1969 Dojeon founded the central headquarters Dojang in Junggok-dong, Seoul. In March, 1973 planned and promoted a sound and novel religious activity with charitable works, social welfare services, and educational works on an annual basis. In April, 1976 set up the Daesoon Scholarship Association. In February, 1984 established the educational foundation of Daejin School.
In June, 1984 set up Daejin High School.
In December, 1986 the construction of Yeoju Dojang completed. In December, 1987 established Daesoonjinrihoe. In February, 1988 established Daejin Girls’ High School In July, 1989 the construction of Jeju Suryeon Dojang completed. In December, 1990 completion of the current Bonjoen building in Yeoju Dojang. In March, 1992 the opening of Daejin University.
In July, 1992, the construction of Pocheon Su Dojang completed.
In December, 1992 established the Daejin Medical Foundation.
In February, 1993 moved the Central Headquarters from Junggok Dojang to Yeoju Dojang. In March, 1994 opened Daejin High School in the Bundang area. In January, 1995 commenced the construction of Jesaeng Hospital in Bundang.
In January, 1995 commenced the construction of Jesaeng Hospital in Dongducheon.
In March, 1995 the opening of Daejin High School in Ilsan and Daejin High School of Electronics &Designs School
(Currently Daejin High School of Designs).
In December, 1995 He ascended to Heaven
In February, 1996 contruction of Geumgangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang completed.
In March, 1996 opened Daejin High School of Data &Communications
In Apri,l 1997 opened Hyuyangso in Geumgangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang.
In November, 1997 held the enshrinement ceremony of the Maitreya Statue (the Messiah) in Geumgangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang
In December, 1997 began the construction of a health college in Gyoengsang-do
In August, 1998 the opening of Bundang Jesaeng Hospital In October, 2000 the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of Goseong Jaeseng Hospital was held.