1) Do not deceive your mind.

Mind is the lord of your body. All words and actions are the expression of the mind. If consists of conscience and selfishness. Conscience is your real mind by nature. Selfishness is a greed caused by your desire for material interest. Originally, conscience is the essence of human nature. But, captured by selfishness, one dares to act against reason. Thus, you must discard selfishness and endeavor to recover your true nature, the conscience. The origin of all human ain stems from deceiving their mind. Then, you must eradicate every vice by doing honesty and truth.

2) Speak well about Others

Speech is the voice of mind, and virtue is the trace of mind toward Do(道). Good and evil are expressed to others by telling. Once you speak well about others, remains of hidden virtue toward others will be piled up, then the virtue reaches your body with much more fortune. On the contrary, once you speaks badly about others will be piled up, and they returns back to you with much more misfortune. Misfortune and fortune always stem from your speech about others. Then, you should especially be discreet in your words.

3) Do not make a grudge against Others

Cheok(?: Grudge) is other people's rancor against you. It makes other people hate you. Therefore, to hate other people or to offend other people's kind offer are the source of making a grudge. Then, you must always love others and have a compassionate heart to them. With the virtue of gentle respect, obedience, modesty and reserve, you should treat other people. Then, you don't make a grudge against others.

4) Do not lose Other People's Gratitude

One's gratitude is his favor for you. Losing the gratitude means forgeting and betraying his trust on you. Once you receive a gratitude from other people, you must repay them. Our life, span of our life, and blessing of our wealth are the gratitude from the Heaven and the Earth. Hence, with sincerity, reverence, and faith, you must set up the just and righteous humanity by repaying the gratitude to the Heaven and the Earth. Protecting your life and having peaceful living are the gratitude of the your state and society. Thus, with the loyalty you should strive for the development of your society and public welfare. Bearing and Rearing you are the gratitude of your parents. Then you must be filial with all the devotion. Teaching and upbringing you are the gratitude of your teachers. Then, you must follow the teachings and deliver the virtue to the world. Living and stipend are the must carry out your duty faithfully and diligently.

5) Make others prosperous

'Making others prosperous' is the basic principle of Sangsaengdaedo(相生大道: the Great Way for Living Together) and the fundamental idea of Koojechangsaeng(救濟蒼生: Redeeming all the Human Beings). Do not spare yourself for others, and cooperate with other people to accomplish the universal welfare