Eumyang-hapdeok ㆍHarmony of yin and yang Haewon-sangsaeng ㆍResolution of grievances for mutual beneficence
Sinin-johwa ㆍHarmonious union of divine beings and human beings Dotong-jingyeong ㆍUnification with Dao

Harmony of yin and yang

This means that the virtues of yin and yang are harmoniously integrated to bring about the ideal relations among all beings.
All beings exist in relative relations with each other such as light and darkness, heaven and earth, divine beings and human beings, etc.
Likewise, all social or human relations such as those between the nation and individuals, parents and children, and husband and wife are necessarily dependent on their opposite. Yet, these relationships are often conflicted and disharmonious. Therefore, the ‘harmony of yin and yang’ is the resolving of these conflicts and the creating of a harmonious state where human beings collaborate and help one another.

Harmonious union of divine beings and human beings

This means that divine beings and human beings depend on each other in a harmonious and complementary way so that they are transformed into ideal beings. Human mind is an invisible gate through which divine beings come in and out. In this way, divine beings can harmonize with human beings to bring about various things. Human beings come to achieve harmony with divine beings through their mind. When human beings keep a pure and unselfish mind through cultivation and live in harmony with others, they can interact with divine beings so that they can eventually understand all matters in the universe and achieve all things at will.

Resolution of grievances for mutual beneficence

This is to prevent Cheok from arising and promote the betterment of others. ​Cheok is a grudge that another person harbors against you. You cause Cheok generally because of your vanity and greed. This Cheok created either in your present or past life brings misfortune and blocks your way to success. Our cultivation is to resolve all these Cheok by living within your means and promote the betterment of others. Then, all the grudges piled up among human beings as well as between human beings and divine beings will be resolved to realize the ultimate peace and harmony of mankind.

Unification with Dao

This is the stage where both human beings and the world reach the true state of Dotong. This means that once mind and body are clean and pure, one can be unified with great divine beings and eventually reach human perfection. In this state, he can have a thorough and full understanding of everything in the universe with the ability to do everything at his will. By doing so, an everlasting paradise eventually arrives in this world.